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Do the walls of your home ever feel bland and uninviting? What you need for your home is to add depth to the walls. Everything from the colors of the walls to what you place on them helps to give your rooms a feeling of sophisticated complexity. 

Try Using Contrast On Your Walls

If you choose a dark color for your walls, you can use bright colors as a contrast to bring out the prominent features of the room. 

Use Texture On Your Walls

You don’t have to rely on paint to color your walls. It’s a good idea for you to use some tapestry or cloth and hang it on the walls to help add texture and depth to a room.

Reflect On The Room

Using mirrors can help to make any room appear bigger. Mirrors are deceiving in a way, but when placed strategically, they can really add a lot to a room. Allowing for reflections in the room also adds depth and a larger feeling to the space, 

Don‘t Make A Space Too Busy

Avoid using a lot of colors in a room. While contrasting colors add something special to a space, bright, mismatched colors will only make you dizzy. 

Make Use Of Tile

Particularly in kitchens and bathrooms, tile can help to add some depth to the space. Your kitchen can be painted a lovely color and finding tiles to match for a backsplash can really help the room to stand out. Even the color grout that you use can help add complexity to a room. If you have brick, wood, or any kind of stone present in a room, be sure to help those features stand out. The best way to approach design sometimes is to take what you see in nature and bring it into your space. From earth tones to highlighting the natural features in your home, you can really make your home feel well-rounded from the inside out. 

Try Painting The Walls Different Colors

There’s no rule that says you need to paint a room all one color. Often, you can add a lot to a room just by having that one accent wall. Putting the piece of furniture that will be the focal point of the room on the accent wall can really bring out the features of the room. If your color scheme is leaning towards blues and whites, for example, paint each wall white except for one. Choose an alluring shade of blue for the accent wall. Be sure that your furniture matches with whatever wall color scheme that you choose as well.                 

Whether you’re recreating a room completely, or simply re-purposing what you have, it’s easy to make your design work for you and provide complexity and depth.

The first impression that anyone gets from your Florida home is how your entryway is presented. The entryway is usually a pretty small space in your home, but you can make it both functional and add to the design of your home. There are plenty of ways that you can help your family make use of the space and keep it looking cute at the same time. Read on for some tips and things to add to the front room of your Florida home to make it more welcoming.

An All-Weather Welcome Mat

The weather in Florida can be pretty unpredictable. While rugs add something to any space, a welcome mat also serves a practical purpose. People will have a place to wipe their feet as the mat collects dirt and water from shoes. Make sure you gt the all-weather kind of material that will be more durable.  

A Place For Coats

Although the weather is Florida doesn’t call for coats very often, it’s nice for guests to have a place to keep their sweatshirts and jackets. It will keep things neater in the house, rather than having guests, or even your family members, leave coats on beds or chairs.    

A Place To Sit Down

Whether guests are wearing flip-flops or formal shoes, if they want to take them off before they enter your home, it’s nice to have a place to sit down. 


There’s plenty of things that your family needs on a daily basis as they go in and out of the house. If you have a place where things can be stored that are easily accessed on the go, it will keep your home neater. Your family will also avoid looking around constantly for items they need. This area is great to store umbrellas, keys, portable electronic devices, wallets, and purses.  

Good Lighting

It’s essential to have good lighting on your entryway no matter where you live. Excellent light on the outside and in the entry makes your home look more attractive and allows for safety to be implemented on the property. Lighting deters thieves and ensures that guests don’t trip on their way in and out of the home.   

Don’t Forget To Add Some Personality

The entryway to your home provides the first impression. Add your own little accents. Pumpkins can be placed there in the fall. Holly bushes will look great in the entry during the holidays. Surfboards will be perfect accents in the summertime. Whatever you like, put on display in the entryway. It will give your Florida home a bit of character.